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Unsurpassed Support after Graduation

First, you start off your hypnosis and hypnotherapy with top notch professional training by Cal Banyan. Then, as you set out to go to work, we know that you will have questions. That is why we have set up the best support for our grads.

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You Are NOT the Lone Hypnotist – You Are a Member of the Banyan Hypnosis Community

You become part of a community. We have an exclusive community online made up by graduates of the Banyan Hypnosis Training program, who were taught by Cal Banyan at our center in Plano, Texas, and by our Certified Professional Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy Instructors around the world.

This active online community consists of graduates who want to help you to succeed. You will be surprised at how quickly your questions get answered. If they don’t answer your question right away then, Cal Banyan will.

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Email Us

We have a saying around the Banyan Hypnosis Center, “Our success comes from your success!” We know that we cannot stop supporting you after you graduate if we are to be successful. If you get stuck and have a question, just email us and we will get back to you right away.

We answer your questions about business, sessions, and even how to handle difficult clients. Or maybe, there was a question that you meant to ask in class and you didn’t get to ask it. Email us and you will get your answer. We have a reputation in the profession for having some of the most successful graduates in the world. That is why most of our students come from outside of our Southern California location. We have a worldwide reputation for educating confident and competent hypnosis professionals who are ready to go to work.

Call Us!

Some questions just can’t wait. When you need an answer right away, just give us a call at 469-989-8092.

We understand that sometimes things come up that you had never thought to ask about in class, or some special situation comes up during your business day. Just give us a call. It is our experience that with just a few minutes on the phone, we can get you going again with the knowledge you needed.

Optional Training Materials

In every profession, be it medicine, psychology or the practice of law, these professionals continue to learn and grow. This includes ongoing study and professional development. This is why we have the Banyan hypnosis training materials for our grads.

These are all optional professional development materials. They include a wide range of items, including an edited down recording of the entire course so that you can review the most important parts of the class later on. There are also specialized videos on inductions, and business set up, and so on. This way you can continue to grow at your own rate after you have graduated.


From time to time, Cal Banyan will take on graduates who want one on one coaching. Of course Cal’s time is limited, so these opportunities are limited. But, it is there. Coaching students get extensive individual attention from Cal Banyan on how to be a successful hypnotist/hypnotherapist, all customized to your particular needs and situation. This coaching can include Cal viewing video recordings of you working with clients, or he can help you with marketing. He can share with you all of his experience on an ongoing basis which virtually assures your success in this profession!

Whatever It Takes

Did you know that Cal Banyan has produced hundreds of free hypnosis training videos and placed them on the Internet for all hypnotists to benefit from? No one has surpassed Cal Banyan’s commitment to the growth of this profession. When you become a “Banyan Grad” you have The Hypnosis Authority behind you. He is interested in you, your success and the success of the profession as a whole.

Cal Banyan is constantly developing new training programs and support mechanisms. So, already there may be new support systems in place that were not mentioned on this page. Call us if you want to know more about this class or any support systems that we have set up for you.

Our success comes from your success!